Riccarton Project

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The Riccarton Project is a Superhome designed by Bob Burnett Architecture.  It is lovingly dubbed the '11 Star Home' as it builds on Bob's recent 10 star home with better design and innovations. It's the house of the future! 

This house incorporates prefabricated insulated panels made in Christchurch by Ecopanel - structural insulated wall system. The panels are not only air tight but also use sustainably sourced local products including Terra Lana wool insulation and Xlam CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). After the panels were constructed in the factory, they were delivered to site and the structure went from slab down to roof on in two and a half days. This house was built using passive house building methodologies. When tested with a Blower Door Test it reached 0.91 (n50). This means that there is very little air is coming into the house due to air gaps in the construction. For comparison, the average new home in NZ will have about 5 airchanges per hour due to air leaks, but this house has less than 1 per hour. This house wasn't intended to be a Passive House but it nearly meets Passive House standards of no more than 0.64 air changes per hour.

This was another one of our homes on the 2017 Exemplar Superhomes Tour.