Our Values

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As a business model, Dan Saunders Construction earns revenue by providing building services and products to New Zealand. However, the way we conduct business sets us apart from the crowd, way apart.

The Ākina Foundation - Akina.org.nz

The Ākina Foundation - Akina.org.nz


We are striving to be a social enterprise company. This means that we are a purpose-driven organisation that trades to deliver social and environmental impact. 




We are one of the founding participants in the Superhome Movement. Being an active part of the movmement helps us to affect transformative change in the NZ building industry. Why are we so committed to making changes? Click here to see why. 


    A lot of people talk about making a difference, but for us it’s the highest value we hold

    Changing the world? Yeah, we’re down with that.