Our Team

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Master builder to apprentice, all of us are on a journey of excellence through continual improvement with a sincere dedication to our craft. We are visionaries, trendsetters, innovators, and changemakers….

Changemaker (n) – a person or organisation tenacious about the greater good. They use a deep-rooted sense of empathy for others, identify a specific problem or opportunity to tackle, and give themselves permission to do something about it. 


    Daniel Saunders – Smart, innovative, reflective, respectful, and dedicated to the greater good – these are the things that make Dan, and this business, unique. A Master Builder with 27 years’ experience in building, and 16 years as a company director, Dan knows the New Zealand building industry, and he brings his expertise and unique passion for excellence to every job. Never one to accept the ordinary, his vision and leadership have created countless beautiful, sustainable homes. Did we mention that he's also a 4th degree black belt in karate, and is a NZ national champion kickboxer? Dedication, hard work, focus are all part of a good days' work. 

    Jennifer Hamlin – Dream Queen and Detail Guru. She holds on to Dan’s ideals of an amazing team that puts out an amazing product and props everyone up with happy reminders of why we’re all here. Beauty, integrity, sustainability and ass kicking all rolled up into one amazing partner and Operations Manager. (She’s a kickboxer too!)



    Kane Crossan - Kane has over 17 years' experience with a special interest in acrhitectural and hill builds, Kane is our head foreman and an exceptional leader of the team. He is well known in the Canterbury region for his quality craftsmanship and integrity and his careful attention to detail makes him a huge asset in our team. In his spare time, Kane is an instructor of Te Reo and he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and three children. 

    Graeme Furniss - Graeme is a foreman with 21 years' experience in building and has particular skill in architectural builds. Graeme's easy going nature, standard of quality, and focus on client care make him an absolute gem to work with. Outside of work, Graeme has a great young family, including two gorgeous kids.

    Ben Sole - Ben is a young foreman with 5 years' experience as a qualified builder and 4 years working for a builder in his school holidays. He is light-hearted, calm, approachable and kind and he sets himself apart with his hard work, and ambition to be the best he can be. In his spare time, he can often be found doing a bit of extra work, going that extra mile for our lovely clients. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family, sport, and outdoor pursuits like hunting, fishing, tramping and boating.



    Richard Toomer - With over 15 years' experience as a carpenter, Richard brings kind, patient, and careful attention to detail  to every job. Richard is also a personal trainer, and has a real talent for getting the best out of everyone.  Like Dan, Richard is a champion kickboxer and he is also a 5th degree muay thai instructor so hard work and dedication are a way of life. 



    Matt Taukamo - With 11 years' experience as a builder, Matt qualified in 2012 and is a massive rugby league fan, it's his easy going attitude and teamwork that makes Matt a star player on our team. 

    Matt Sutherland – Matt has 6 years' building experience and qualified as a carpenter in 2016. Like Dan and Richard, Matt is also a champion kickboxer and recently won a silver medal for New Zealand at the World Kickboxing championships in Spain. His loyalty and commitment to excellence makes him a huge asset to our team.



    Mat Ramsay - Mat is finishing his carpentry apprenticeship after beginning with us in 2016. He's a smart and driven guy, and likes a fast-paced working environment. He's a bit of an outdoorsy guy so when he's not working on the job, he can usually be found on the golf course or out fishing. 

    Sean Braid - Sean is our newest apprentice, but his work ethic is legendary and we see a very bright future ahead for him. Sean is smart and easygoing and well above his level on the jobsite. There's a lot of drive and determination on the jobsite these days!



    Kellie Allan – The Book Keeper/Number Cruncher – an accountant and mother; Kellie enjoys being a contract book keeper who balances a niche number of clients with the demands of her family life. She even took up the challenge of learning the piano when she turned 40!