Innovation & Products

The innovations in the design and build all went towards sustainability in the truest sense of the word.  Every piece was thought of and painstakingly put together in a way to complement the beauty of the hill and take advantage of the view below.  Each window, each board, every nail – all designed and placed strategically for maximum return of the sun’s energy, warmth and of course - beauty. 

Again, Anne Salmond is the brilliant and like-minded architect of this gorgeous property.  Salmond Architecture is committed to designing high performance buildings that are sustainable over the long term, sympathetic with the landscape and appropriate in their context.  As detailed by the the Hillsborough House!

Purpose, beauty, imagination and the surrounds combine to make this house exceptional. To make this house a private little hillside surprise for the owners and their lucky guests! 


Warmframe Warmframe™ is an innovative new building system which promises lower construction costs and a warm, comfortable, energy efficient home.  Combining Axxis steel framing from NZ Steel and Polyester Insulation by Mammoth - installed by Absolute energy contributed hugely in reducing the owner’s electricity costs.  

Thermally Broken Architectural Windows from Rylock Canterbury.  Energy loss may be reduced by specifying Thermally Broken or insulated aluminium frames. This is achieved by using either polyamide insulating thermal strips or an insulating polymer. The thermal break works in association with double (or even triple) glazing by providing an insulating barrier within the frame minimising the transfer of energy (heat or cold) via the frame. (From Window Association of NZ.) 

Kitchen Joinery supplied and installed by Euroform Kitchens.  They will create a kitchen that will compliment both your home and lifestyle…a kitchen that is stylish, innovative and unique. 

Louvre Shutters by Louvretec, adding sun protection and privacy with grace and elegance.

Insulated Foundation Polyblocks supplied by Superform.  For a secure foundation and an added layer of protection from the elements.

Cedar Cladding was supplied by Herman Pacific; providing vertical weatherboard on a cavity system with cedar fascia and trims.  The cavity system allows for correct drainage, keeping insulation and interiors dry.

Sustainable Cork Flooring by HARO.  The unique physical properties of cork translates into an amazingly quiet, comfortable, and durable floor.