Hillsborough Project

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Beautiful and private people were looking for a beautiful and private residence to replace a home lost in the earthquakes.  The amazing duo of Anne Salmond Architects and Dan Saunders Construction was able to deliver a very sustainable house; very in tune with the environment. Climbing the turns and twists of the road, you might wonder what sort of dwelling is perched on top?  The imagination cannot even perceive the home that sits on that hill.  You can’t imagine the home – as you can barely see it.  

The Hillsborough House was designed and built to be a sustainable part of the environment.  So much, that it is a mostly hidden part of the community.  It’s a humble house; but so much more than meets the eye!  As seen when you get up close to take in the craftsmanship and fine details.  

Design, privacy, beauty, sustainability – on a budget.  Delivered beautifully by the team at Dan Saunders Construction.