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Your home should reflect your needs and a skilled designer is worth every penny in terms of getting a home that is energy-efficient, comfortable and fit for purpose.  Whether you have professional blueprints, a stack of drawings on napkins or just a lifetime of dreams, contact us. It’s that simple. The road to your dream is paved with a conversation!

Sketch: Anne Salmond Architecture

Sketch: Anne Salmond Architecture

Working with a designer

We enjoy great working relationships with many different architects. Picking the right designer can be a tricky process, but we can help you refine your vision so that you make the right choice. 

Some of our recent collaborations include work with:

Salmond Architecture is based in Wanaka in the Queenstown Lakes District. They are committed to designing high performance buildings that are sustainable over the long term, sympathetic with the landscape and appropriate in their context. They designed the first Homestar 8 home in Australasia.


Bob Burnett Architecture is based in Christchurch and are leaders in sustainable energy and earthquake resistant design. They designed the first Homestar 10 home in Australasia.


The Superhome Movement includes a number of architects interested in energy efficient design. 


High Performance Houses™ are architect-designed homes that use combinations of carefully designed pavilions and link-ways to create individual, affordable, and energy-efficient homes.